Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Brainlove: Label News / New Releases / BRNLVFSTVL Film

Recent Label News:
Three new CDs on Sale: http://www.brainloverecords.com/order
A film of Brainlove Festival 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlS9SK8xveY
A new mixtape: http://www.mixcloud.com/brainlove/brnlv-mixtape-7
An interview in Bearded: http://www.beardedmagazine.com/features/article/label-love-brainlove
John starts an artist management company: http://projekta.co
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Hello Readers!

I'm not going to do small talk, for once. Big talk only.

Brainlove tends to make only 5 or 6 physical releases a year, at most. I kind of think of them as special little artefacts, not just CDs like any other. Each one is brimming with magic, in it's own way, and each one means something. The manifesto of the label has long been "to support musicians exhibiting creativity, spirit, intelligence and imagination, regardless of genre, commercial potential, or technical ability. As such, Brainlove is a record label with artistic values at it's core".

I am certain that all of these releases fulfil these criteria, and I'm very, very proud to be releasing each of them.

Three new ones are now out to buy, here - http://www.brainloverecords.com/order


1) David Thomas Broughton - Outbreeding. A stunning proto-folk collection, with a 12 page lyrics & illustrations booklet by DTB himself.
LISTEN: http://www.brainloverecords.com/davidthomasbroughton

2) We Aeronauts - Chalon Valley EP. Four ambitious constructions, bright-eyed and bristling with youthful optimism, earthy folk and grand post-rock. This one is a short run of card wallets with very pretty artwork.
WATCH: http://www.brainloverecords.com/weaeronauts

3) Bastardgiest. A very very limited run of his album, on CD in hand-stamped card cases with lace and string decorations. Beautiful drones, a spine-tingling one-off voice, and bass-heavy melodies... gorgeous stuff.
LISTEN: http://www.brainloverecords.com/bastardgeist


Please do buy them. Postage is free in the UK and it's a huge help for our continued activities.


John / Brainlove

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