Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Black Dice

Download: Manoman

ManOman! Load Blown has taken over my mind. Like the Beepers grafting their "heads" onto the bodies of the Shecks (become obsessed here, get it here), Black Dice have used their magical lattice of bleeps to hypnotise me into never wanting to stop listening.

In other news, I sprained my ankle today dancing in a field with my brand new, delicious headphones to Death of a Disco Dancer by The Smiths. I'd put up an mp3 of that too but I dont want to be responsible for any injuries.

And continuing the film diary..
06/01/08 The Bicycle Theives I'd watch Italian films even if I was blind, and this one had me doing that wonderful combination of sniffy, discrete crying and beaming with happiness. 9/10

Saturday, 5 January 2008

It's Not The End Of The World

Made this:

"It's Not The End Of The World", Animated GIF, 2007

Films Watched So Far In 2008

01/01/08 Volver Beautifully shot ghost story cum family drama by Pedro Almodovar. 9/10
03/01/08 Tears Of The Black Tiger Fluoro Oriental Western with an arresting look but a repetitive and slow moving storyline. 5/10
04/01/08 In A Lonely Place Bogart whodunnit classic. 9/10

My Brother Gave Me His Playstation 2 When He Moved To Australia so me & Alice get an excuse for a gaming revival. Have been playing Beyond Good & Evil, an excellent science fiction action-RPG type thing in which you play the role of an investigative photojournalist called Jade who becomes embroiled in a secret rebellion against a sinister government plot. It's great looking, addictive and fun, and you can probably get it for a couple of quid on eBay these days if you're that way inclined. www.beyondgoodevil.com

On The Music Front it's been all about playing old unlabelled cassette tapes in the kitchen. Which has led to more exciting rediscoveries. The Sights being the best one - their album from a few years ago, "Got What I Want" is amazing. It lays out a nice range of influences and styles from simple Beach Boys harmonies to rasping (old) Von Bondies Detroit-style rock. Also, "Modern Life Is Rubbish" by Blur. How did I forget what a thoroughbred indie classic it really is?

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Dan Deacon

Download: Crystal Cat.mp3

Found. My hands are tingling! Found New Band. Turn it up, put it on repeat. Louder! LOUDER! I wanna jump out of my skin! Run to shops and part with money! ON VINYL! FFOOUUNNDD. Psyche splitting prismic progpop! EAT THIS, ANIMAL COLLECTIVE. It tastes better than your goddamn Strawberry Jam.

If you love this, go and find WHAM CITY too. And listen to it all the way through on full volume. You Too May Do A New Music Belly Flop Into Happy Jelly. My brain responds well to the small maths repetition. BRIGHT COLOURS AND E NUMBERS.

I will find Dan Deacon, and I will join the screaming happiness of his people and we will dance through the trees on fire!