Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Pagan Wanderer Lu - Mass Interview / 15 Films

Pagan Wanderer Lu's "Fight My Battles For Me" comes out this week digitally. So there is a big bunch of interesting stuff going on.

Firstly, we have the ambituous 2.0 FIFTEEN FILMS project, in which Andy is making a film to go with each song on his album, including acoustic performances, art films, live sessions and highlights from gigs, along with liner notes and pictures and drawings and such.Check it out, and please use the "favourite" and "share" buttons to spread the word. Click the screenshot below to check it out:

And secondly, PWL has decided to interview interesting musicians en masse about their ideas and approaches to music making. Interviewees include - Jeremy Warmsley, Napoleon IIIrd, Capitol K, Spencer McGarry, Paul Hawkins, Hannah Modernaire, Ill Ease, Laura Wolf, & Mat Riviere - and the answers are going up one by one. So far - Originality, and Lyrics. READ.

Buy the record now from eMusic and iTunes. Also available on 7Digital and Amazon amongst others, and on CD from Brainlove and PWL. Or in the shops from May 25th via Cargo.

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