Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Final Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy has changed his monicker to his given name Owen Pallett ahead of the worldwide release of his new album Heartland, his first on the Domino label. The album sees Pallett emerge entirely from the self-imposed restriction of his one-man show, employing arrangements for an orchestra to offer an altogether more ambitious synthesis of his songwriting.

He says of the name change:


I began playing solo violin shows in 2004. Although it was essentially a solo project, I named the band Final Fantasy, as the experience--and the tone of the material--was reminiscent of the hours and hours I had spent as an adolescent playing those epic JRPGs.

But the laws of trademark infringement exist for good reason, and so I am voluntarily retiring my band name. In the new year, my record Heartland is coming out, and it is my first to be released in many territories, including Japan. With this in mind, I feel it is in my own best interests to definitively distinguish my music from Square/Enix's games.

So, I am no longer playing shows as Final Fantasy. Subsequent releases, including Heartland, will be issued under my own name, Owen Pallett. Prior releases will sometime soon be re-packaged and re-issued.

I thank Square/Enix their kindness and support, and I thank you all for your understanding.


Owen Pallett"

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