Monday, 30 April 2012


Brainlove Festival 2012 is happy to announce three more acts added to this year’s line-up. Joining the likes of Dad Rocks!, Crushed Beaks, Female Band and Napoleon IIIrd are electronic producer Enjoyed (pictured above), synth-rock-noise-improv duo AK/DK, and Estonian drone/shoegaze band Väljasõit Rohelisse

Enjoyed has currently garnered wide-spread media attention for new track ‘Teeth’, what The Guardian called “music firmly in 2012”, while AK/DK are currently out touring Europe with The Dandy Warhols. Väljasõit Rohelisse were a standout band at Tallinn Music Week, and are brought to the UK in conjunction with the Estonian festival. Says festival organiser John Brainlove: "VR played at the Brainlove night at Tallinn Music Week and blew everyone's minds with their narcotic drones, creepy green lights and smoke. We're really excited to be hosting their first ever UK performance."
We’re also happy to announce media partnerships with DIY magazine, as well as web coverage and live video sessions from The 405 and 7bitArcade. We will also be bringing you a DIY Radio festival special in May.

Along with all this, we will soon be unveiling a series of exclusive interviews with each artist on Snipe as well as an exclusive streamable and downloadable compilation starring all the festival’s line-up of acts.

Tickets are on sale now at priced £12.

Meet The Bands...


"part Balearic, part house, part synth-pop, all vibes" - XLR8R
"Tropical tones to see off the last of winter... absolutely worth a spin" - DUMMY
"head-nodding atmospherics and gorgeous synth work" - Dipped In Dollars"an intelligent appropriation of pop song structures, dabbling in the abstract realm of blips and glitches...
we can report back that his live set-up is just as enthralling."
- The Line Of Best Fit


"What do we know about the mysterious Enjoyed? We know he is Peter Evans-Pritchard, and he describes his music as "joystep". We also know he was named after a Chemical Brothers B-side (not his birth name, that would be ridiculous). Oh, and he's also a musical synesthete, creating bespoke art for each song he records based on colours he sees in the music. So the excellent Teeth, premiered here exclusively, looks like a swirling mass of purple and green or a print for the best tie-dye T-shirt this side of of the early 70s. Musically, however, we're firmly in 2012, specifically the kind of dreamy bedroom-producer feel of Chad Valley and Seams. That's not to say Pritchard buries the song's melodies beneath lo-fi production or allows it to meander. One of Teeth's many charms is that it launches into a soaring chorus about a minute in and builds and builds with layers of vocals and Technicolor synths." - The Guardian



"swathes of echoing noise and passages of hypnotic minimalism, they disappear behind a wall of swirling smoke and emerging as their throbbing, dark repetitions chase it away. Their compositions ebb and flow invitingly, pushing their persuasive, teasing tendrils through the crowd and making the air feel thick with sound." - The Line Of Best Fit

Väljasõit Rohelisse is an Estonian quintet, playing one chord psychedelia with swamp blues, surf and Krautrock tinges, bathed in green light and shrouded in smoke. A 10” EP entitled “Külastus” will be released in the UK on Brainlove this June 4th, in collaboration with Estonian label OneSense.

Väljasõit Rohelisse (trans: ”Roadside picnic”) is the Estonian title for a short novel by Soviet sci-fi writers the Strugatsky brothers. It is read to you by Lauri (tremolos, echos, amateur surf sounds), Martin (cathedral electronics, space shots and prairie licks), Eiko (motoric boom), Kersten (sound magician) and Marit (heartbeats, glittering tambourines and killer claps).



"“Rhythmic and synthy, they’re like a more direct Add N To (X) – you’ll be astounded how much they can achieve from behind their kits. AK/DK completely blew me away."” - SOURCE
"Music you want to lose yourself on the dancefloor to”" - God Is In The TV

AK/DK are Graham Sowerby (drums and synths) and Ed Chivers (drums and synths), currently out touring Europe as support to The Dandy Warhols. Their shows include improvisations. from the chaotic to the beautiful, and the simplicity of the line-up allows them the freedom to create improvised layers of fuzzed-up synths, delays and arpeggios, and thunderous double drums. The sound has been described as a mixture between Battles, Death From Above 1979, Raymond Scott and Neu, moving between progressive/motorik rhythms to beautiful melodic sections, from abstract electronics and raucous energy. They've been seen earned supporting and remixing artists as diverse as Fujiya & Miyagi, Three Trapped Tigers, Damo Suzuki, Napoleon IIIrd, The Woo!Worths, and ManRaySky.

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