Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Black Dice

Download: Manoman

ManOman! Load Blown has taken over my mind. Like the Beepers grafting their "heads" onto the bodies of the Shecks (become obsessed here, get it here), Black Dice have used their magical lattice of bleeps to hypnotise me into never wanting to stop listening.

In other news, I sprained my ankle today dancing in a field with my brand new, delicious headphones to Death of a Disco Dancer by The Smiths. I'd put up an mp3 of that too but I dont want to be responsible for any injuries.

And continuing the film diary..
06/01/08 The Bicycle Theives I'd watch Italian films even if I was blind, and this one had me doing that wonderful combination of sniffy, discrete crying and beaming with happiness. 9/10


Brainlove said...

Poor you, dancing away in a field when some careless rabbit interrupts your fun with a wanton hole. XxXxXx

Foxtrot said...

It's swollen! Like a gross dolls foot!