Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Dan Deacon

Download: Crystal Cat.mp3

Found. My hands are tingling! Found New Band. Turn it up, put it on repeat. Louder! LOUDER! I wanna jump out of my skin! Run to shops and part with money! ON VINYL! FFOOUUNNDD. Psyche splitting prismic progpop! EAT THIS, ANIMAL COLLECTIVE. It tastes better than your goddamn Strawberry Jam.

If you love this, go and find WHAM CITY too. And listen to it all the way through on full volume. You Too May Do A New Music Belly Flop Into Happy Jelly. My brain responds well to the small maths repetition. BRIGHT COLOURS AND E NUMBERS.

I will find Dan Deacon, and I will join the screaming happiness of his people and we will dance through the trees on fire!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i still haven't seen him live, damn it.