Saturday, 23 February 2008


John & Alice dress like Sherlock Holmes and comb through the lame-ass band requests to bring you some rare and precious samples from the mantle of the underground.

1. Bastardgeist MySpace
Wonderful minimal glockenspiel (I think) music, with mournful vocals and a penchant for the Chapmans.

2. Salem MySpace
Slippery, spinny, disorientating warped record electronic STUFF.

3. Pseudo Nippon MySpace
Teleradd, playful and hopefully not a racist, Pseudo Nippon is an Engrish-speaking home baked gabba-pop superstar waiting to happen. Watch your back Scotch Egg, this guy has TUNES.

4. Lawrence Wasser MySpace
French weirdo-rockers with masks and manginas.

5. Music Video MySpace
Everyone in the world wants more Postal Service, right? And for Postal Service to not be quite so sickly. Well hunger no more, starving children, Music Video is here to save your empty ears.

6. Channels 3 & 4 / Twin Crystals MySpace
C3&4 are one of Alice's favouritest bands ever, they split up and reformed into a Twin Crystals and now she's hoovering up their last few pieces of vinyl into a jealously guarded collection.

7. Hot Pants Romance MySpace
Three awesome indie girls play no-fi surf "hits" in tiny hot pants. I bought their CD-R and it was a data CD with the songs in WMV format, wtf?

8. Kate Nash
No wait I meant Betty Curse. All the kids are listening to her when they're not busy organically spreading the word about Genuine Internet Sensations like Arctic Monkeys.

9. a.P.A.t.T. MySpace
Totally loveable and hugely uncool, I suspect this entire band may have dreds that smell of weed. They sound like Cardiacs playing Mr Bungle. Joyous skanky hyper-funk-rock for rolling around on the floor to.

10. YIP YIP MySpace
Vertigo-inducing electronic circus music with an epilepsy-inducing MySpace background.

11. Crystal Castles MySpace
You may have heard of this one. We were onto them 2 years ago, bitch.

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